Buy out your Stooge and ask to stop spreading Russian propaganda

Despite Russia's war, violation of international law, invasion of a sovereign Ukraine, and committed war crimes, some European politicians are spreading Russian propaganda.

This is an auction where you can outbuy a Russian stooge, minion, or henchman.

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Featured pro-Russian stooges

Worldwide Coverage

You can participate where you are. All bids on Russian stooges in this virtual auction store are made online.

Best Selection

We offer the best selection of politicians, political experts, and journalists caught on spreading the Kremlin narratives.

Best Auction of stooges

Either you pay your selected stooge, and he/she stops spreading propaganda, or you use your winning bid to donate for Ukraine.

Win-win System

You get the benefit: you will not only act against pro-Russian propaganda but also will get a high-quality poster of the selected stooge made by our artists.

How it works?

Outbuy a Russian Stooge

Ask the henchman to stop propaganda

If she/he declines - support Ukraine

Outbuy a Russian stooge, get a quality artwork, get his/her propaganda stopped or donate for Ukrainians

Pro-Kremlin stooges

Pro-Russian politicians voice Kremlin-style narratives, and in this way these stooges help Putin regime in its war against an independent Ukraine undermining also Europe's unity.

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