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Since Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Italian professor Alessandro Orsini has been spreading Kremlin narratives on Italian public TV in a role of expert in the Rai program Cartabianca. In March 2022, he told “let’s let Putin win the war”. Alessandro Orsini is an Italian political scientist, the chairman and founder of the LUISS Observatory on International Security.

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Italian Professor Alessandro Orsini has gained national-popular fame, establishing himself in all respects as a dissident intellectual and the leading expert with alternative views on Italian public television.

Alessandro Orsini is the director and founder of the LUISS Observatory on International Security.

The associate professor of general sociology at Luiss University in Rome ended up in controversy, after he signed a contract with the Rai program Cartabianca, where he made statements that, throughout the year, followed the Kremlin narratives and that was close to Russia Today’s coverage of the war in Ukraine.

We were shocked by the surreal exchange during an episode of Cartabianca aired in March, a month before the start of the Russian invasion, when Orsini declared, “If indeed Putin, in a desperate condition where he risks losing the war in Ukraine, were to use the nuclear bomb, Europe would be morally co-responsible.”

At that point, Berlinguer, astonished, rightly asked him, “So you have to let Putin win the war to avoid the risk associated with the nuclear bomb?” and he, with all the calm in the world, replied, “If you put the issue in this perspective, I say let’s let Putin win the war.”

In the episode aired on March 15, the professor said, “This is a losing war. Either we give Putin what he wants, or he takes it anyway.”

And again, “Russia will continue to advance, and we will have more and more civilian deaths. If Germany and France want to fill Ukraine with weapons, let them do so. Italy must take the money it intends to spend on weapons to build two huge hospitals to take in Ukrainian children.”

On the March 22 episode of Cartabianca, however, Orsini evoked nuclear disaster: “If we place Vladimir Putin in a desperate condition, he will certainly use the nuclear bomb.”

He spread narratives that fit the Kremlin’s propaganda and called on the West and Italy to accept Russia’s demands. He dared to use terrible manipulation tactics, saying that it is preferable that “children live in a dictatorship than die under bombs in the name of democracy” and scaring Italians with Russia’s nuclear weapons.



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