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Alice Schwarzer is a German journalist and feminist activist who has opposed Germany’s aid to Ukraine to help it fight against the Russian invasion. Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, Schwarzer has promoted narratives beneficial to Kremlin propaganda. Alice Schwarzer co-authored a letter sent to the German Chancellor, urging him to avoid sending weapons to Ukraine.

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Alice Schwarzer is a German journalist and Feminist activist. She participated in the women’s movement in France and then in the Federal Republic of Germany. Co-founder of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. In 2012, Schwarzer was a delegate to the Federal Assembly from the Christian Democratic Union of Germany but lost.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, Schwarzer has started promoting narratives that fit Kremlin propaganda.

In April 2022, Alice Schwarzer was co-author of a letter sent to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, urging him to avoid sending weapons to Ukraine. This opposes the current policy of the German government.

The anti-weapon rhetoric jeopardises Ukraine’s sovereignty and plays in the hands of Moscow. Russia would capture more Ukrainian territories if Ukraine were left defenceless without allies’ support and weapons.

“But the arms deliveries must go hand in hand with diplomatic efforts,” emphasised Schwarzer. “Even top military leaders say we have a stalemate, and either side will find this war unwinnable. In that case, it is an imperative of humanity not to keep prolonging the war.”

Co-authored the “Manifesto for Peace” petition that appeared on the platform in 2023. More than 748,000 people have already signed the petition. The authors of the appeal are Germans, Alice Schwarzer and Sahra Wagenknecht.

Under the cover of “peace,” “achieving compromises on both sides,” Alice Schwarzer and Sahra Wagenknecht promote traditional Russian propaganda storylines.

The manifesto begins with the usual rationale for any crime: associating the victim with the guilty. First, they highlight military and civilian losses on both sides of the conflict but don’t say who is to blame for this suffering. “Women were raped, children were intimidated, and the entire nation was traumatised,” the writers write, although they do not say who became the Ukrainian people’s executioner.

The petition does not explicitly criticise Russian aggression, nor does it call for restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity or punishing war criminals. The most challenging concept for the reader is “war is bad, and peace is good.”

In 2023, she helped organise a rally in Berlin against the delivery of weapons to Ukraine.

“Everything was wrong with this event,” wrote the Konstanz-based Südkurier daily. The two organisers equated the perpetrators and victims of this war of aggression. They called for peace talks even though the aggressor was unwilling to negotiate, and they showed no sympathy for a country battling for its survival.

They also did not distance themselves from the far right: their remarks and flags smelt of Querdenker ideology (believers in “out-of-the-box thinking” and conspiracy theories – Ed.). And the journey from here to the anti-democratic fronts on the left or right is relatively short. “This weekend was not the start of a new peace movement, but rather the start of a new split,” Südkurier says.


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