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Alina Lipp is a German-Russian journalist running a popular Telegram channel and producing films and videos from Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine or about Russia. Alina Lip has backed the Crimea annexation since 2019, boldly calling it Russian. She filmed reports in the Donbas as a military blogger, blaming the Ukrainian military for everything and backing Kremlin propaganda. Lipp frequently appeared on Russian TV networks, where she supported Putin’s regime’s rhetoric in its fight against Ukraine. Currently, she is in Russia since the German government sentenced her to three years in prison for spreading propaganda. Alina Lipp uses all types of Kremlin narratives in her biased reporting.

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Russian weapon in its hybrid warfare with the civilized world. Kremlin agents of influence and stooges in media and politics are working in many countries, trying to distort reality and cover up Russian crimes in Ukraine. Alina Lipp is one of Putin’s war propaganda soldiers.

Alina Lipp is a German reporter of Russian origin. She was born in 1993 in Hamburg. Her mother is German, and her father is a native Russian. Her father, an entrepreneur in Germany, moved to Russian-occupied Crimea at the end of 2017.

Alina was actively assisted by her father, Vladimir Lipp, a Russian who had lived in Germany for a long time. He openly argued that living conditions on the peninsula were much better than in the EU.

Lipp formerly studied sustainable governance at Leuphana University Lüneburg, focusing on environmental studies. Lipp was active in German politics as a Greens member but said they were too “anti-Russian” for her.

Alina Lipp was a committed member of the Green Party in Lower Saxony, was an advisory member of the environmental committee of the city of Hanover and then became involved with the party in Lüneburg. By 2022, she switched to justifying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, naming it a special operation and becoming one of the most essential propaganda figures for Vladimir Putin in Germany.

Alina Lipp is one of the most prolific content creators targeting the German audience. Without access to mainstream media in Germany, she actively uses Telegram, YouTube and social media. She positions herself as a German who went to live in Russia. Every day, she publishes dozens of news items in Russian and German.

In 2019, Lipp launched the YouTube channel Glücklich auf der Krim (Happy in Crimea). The German woman came to the peninsula in 2016, ostensibly to implement a research project, which eventually became a resource for propaganda content. The characters in the video compared life in Crimea before and after the Russian occupation (of course, in favour of the latter).

Alina Lipp spreads pro-Russian propaganda on Telegram. Lipp’s Telegram channel Neues aus Russland (News from Russia) has over 180,000 subscribers. Posts on her Telegram channel, including video messages from the author, are duplicated in German and Russian. The content is also published on the website of the same name and a page on the Russian social network Vkontakte.

The former Green shares Russian propaganda videos that have already been exposed as false and considers the horrific images from Butcha and other Ukrainian cities a staging. Lipp calls herself a “peace journalist,” but she spreads unfiltered Russian propaganda that could also be broadcast that way on state television there. Thus, the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine is a “special operation”; Ukraine is controlled by a “regime”.

Since January 2022, the channel has stopped adding new content. Lipp switched to her other YouTube project, “A German Woman in Russia,” which publishes videos in Russian with German subtitles.

Since the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, her main activity has been justifying the Russian occupation and spreading fakes about “Ukrainian crimes.”

Alina Lipp actively uses children under occupation to create propaganda content. In January 2023, the propagandist released a 16-minute documentary film, Donbas 2022, based on footage shot in Donetsk, Mariupol, and other occupied cities of Ukraine.

Lipp presented the history of the Russian-Ukrainian war as “Ukraine’s attack on Donbas” in 2014 and justified Russian intervention by the need to “protect the population from the Nazis.”

Alina Lipp was invited to appear on Russian TV channels and radio stations. She participates in recording programs of the Solovyov Live studio and the show of the comedian-propagandist Max KomikaZe.

In a video released in January 2023, the impersonator played the role of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Lipp played German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

If Russian propaganda promotes the narrative that “Germans are disappointed and want to move to Russia,” then the “German journalist” Alina Lipp amplifies this narrative with her comments. It makes sense – she is German, and she confirms this thesis. And she takes words from similarly pro-Russian Germans in Russia. Regularly, Alina has similar messages. 

Thus, such agents of influence are an integral element of the Russian propaganda infrastructure. The Russian media produces a narrative, and the agents of influence reinforce and amplify it.

Alina Lipp has a straightforward task: to explain to the Germans in accessible and understandable language that Russia is a victim. Russia’s actions are “correct and necessary,” and everything is “the fault of the greedy West and America.” 

This is the very logic and reasoning of Russian propaganda, which is designed to undermine the credibility of the national media. For example, the same post by Alina Lipp with the comments of Germans in Russia that we mentioned earlier quoted: “Don’t believe the German media. We should help Russia more.”

After the Davos forum, Alina published a post titled “Germany’s Economic Minister Habeck Wants to Shut Down and Disband Germany: An Incredible Self-Disclosure at the Davos Economic Forum.” 

Alina entered Crimea or Donetsk illegally, bypassing Ukrainian checkpoints, thus violating Ukrainian law.

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