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Serbian ultranationalist who likes the “Wagner” military group, accused of war crimes, and Russia. His organization has no law base, but it doesn’t stop him from taking street actions to support the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. He also visited the “Wagner” Center in Russia and admired what he saw there.

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Knežević and his organization “People’s Patrol” are known for holding extreme views against Muslims and migrants and promoting violence.

Damian Knežević drew international attention when he mobilized thousands of people in the Serbian capital to support Russia’s war just days after President Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine.

It was one of the largest pro-Russian demonstrations in Europe at that time. Police blocked far-right leader Damian Knežević as he and other protesters tried to storm the presidential residence.

Protesters waved Russian flags and held pro-war “Z” signs and portraits of the Russian president. Some even chanted: “Vladimir Putin is our president.”

In November 2022, eight months after the start of full-scale war in Ukraine, Knežević accepted an invitation to visit the Wagner PMC, accused of committing war crimes in Syria, Africa and Ukraine.

Knežević visited their newly opened media centre in St. Petersburg and later told the BBC that he “absolutely supports everything Wagner has done”.

A few weeks after his trip to Russia, Knežević took part in a tense standoff with the border police at the border with Kosovo wearing the “Wagner” symbol.

“The aid that Russia provides to such groups does not go through state institutions, but through informal organizations,” Eric Gordy, a professor at University College London’s School of Slavic Studies and East European Studies, told the BBC.

Knežević organized a demonstration in Belgrade on February 15, where he threatened the president, saying: “I’m coming for you, Vucic.” He then led the crowd to the presidential palace.

Later, Knežević was accused of calling for the violent overthrow of the government of President Vucic. After two months of imprisonment, he was released from custody, but his trial continues.

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