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Eric Zemmour is a French journalist, writer, and political commentator known for his controversial views on immigration, Islam, and pro-Putin statements. Eric Zemmour advocated for Russia, criticized Ukraine, and portrayed himself as a Putin admirer and stated that France needed a “French Putin”. Speaking to the media, Zemmour declared that Ukraine was dead. He asserted that Russia was under siege by NATO. After Russian invaded Ukraine, he failed to blame Moscow and Putin for the war.

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Born in Montreuil, France, in 1958, Zemmour began his career as a journalist in the 1980s, working for various French newspapers and magazines. He gained national attention in 2006 with the publication of his book “Le Suicide français” (“The French Suicide”), which argued that the decline of French culture and identity was due to immigration and multiculturalism.

Zemmour’s views on these issues have made him a polarizing figure in French politics, with many people criticizing him as a racist and xenophobe. Eric Zemmour is a French far-right politician, a Eurosceptic and a critic of migration. Zemmour is known for disgraceful statements about Islam and migration. A French court found him guilty of racist insults and inciting racial hatred and sentenced him to a fine.

Zemmour has also been linked to Moscow through his appearances on RT (formerly Russia Today), a Russian state-owned news channel. Zemmour has defended his appearances on RT, arguing that he is simply seeking to reach a wider audience.

Eric Zemmour, a far-right presidential candidate in France in the 2022 election, suffered a severe decline in support after making several distasteful remarks about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and constantly expressing appreciation and affection for Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.

During his presidential campaign, Eric Zemmour proclaimed: “We need a French Putin”. And he paid the price for honouring Putin by seeing a sharp decline in voters’ support. In the French presidential election in May 2022, Zemmour was defeated in the first round. After Putin launched a war against Ukraine, Zemmour’s rating plunged from 15 to 7%.

In the context of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Zemmour continues to push narratives that benefit Moscow, oppose aid to Ukraine, and criticize sanctions against Russia. This will likely make his popularity continue to decline.

Anti-Ukrainian propaganda by pro-Kremlin politicians aims to end support for Ukraine and leave it defenceless, facing Moscow’s war aggression. Zemmour’s dissemination of Russian propaganda in France threatens the security of Ukraine and, therefore, Europe’s security.

The populist and anti-Muslim politician admired Russian dictator Putin and opposed accepting Ukrainian refugees. As a result, his popularity declined. Ties with Putin became toxic even for the far-right politicians in Europe.

Later, Eric Zemmour, a French far-right presidential candidate, claimed that Ukrainians with familial ties to France should be granted visas rather than people fleeing problems in Arab Muslim countries.

Zemmour declared on Twitter in September 2020 that he supported a “Russian alliance” and regarded Moscow as “the most trustworthy ally, more than the United States, Germany, or Great Britain.”

Despite his condemnation of the Ukraine invasion, Zemmour has held the West responsible for not taking Russian President Vladimir Putin’s security concerns seriously.

Voter surveys conducted after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine showed a decline in Zemmour’s support from 14% to 7%. Eric Zemmour received 7% of the vote in the first round and was kicked off the presidential race.

For the second round, he supported Marine Le Pen, another far-right contender with connections to the Kremlin.

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