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Zsolt Bayer is one of the leading pro-Russian propagandists at the service of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Racist and antisemitic. Zsolt Bayer suggests that “Ukraine is an analogue of Nazi Germany” in the Hungarian media. He also questioned the existence of Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian nation as such.

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Zsolt Bayer is a Hungarian far-right and pro-Russian «journalist» whose views have been widely described as racist and antisemitic. He was a co-founder of the ruling Fidesz party and close confidant of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who is often called “Putin’s Trojan horse in the EU”.

Zsolt Bayer referred to the calls within Ukraine to reconsider the role of Russian literature in Ukrainian educational and cultural areas and asserted the actions of Ukrainians were analogous to the Nazis’ ones against the Jewish nation.

According to Bayer, “It was already in Nazi Germany. Goebbels had already talked about that… Big bonfires were burning in the streets of Nazi Germany; people were throwing in them literary works harmful to German thinking and the German people, especially, naturally, works of Jewish authors. And Heinrich Heine warned that those who start burning books end up burning people.”

In his Ukrainophobic hate speech, Bayer questioned the existence of Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian nation, having illustrated his words with images with Russian captions stating that Ukraine’s territory is not originally Ukrainian but allegedly was taken out of Russia and Poland.

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